Sato Koichi (1960)

Sato Koichi (1960)

Other Name: 佐藤浩市 さとう こういち Koichi Sato

Age: 64

Birthday: December, 10, 1960

Nationality: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Height: 182 CM

Sato Koichi, born in Tokyo on December 10, 1960, is a Japanese actor. He's the son of actor Mikuni Rentaro. He married Ayako Hirota in 1993 and their child is Kanichiro Sato. Sato won the 1st Tokyo Drama Awards as Best Actor three times: for Kaze no Hate, Tengoku to Jigoku and Honto to Uso to Tequila. He's currently represented by talent agency Theater Do Posch.

(Source: Dramawiki)

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