The Pearls of the Stone Man (2015)

The Pearls of the Stone Man (2015)

Other name: 愛を積むひと あいをつむひと 사랑을 쌓는 사람 積愛之人 Ai wo Tsumu Hito Person Who Builds up Love


Atsushi was a dedicated and serious worker for all of his adult life. Now retired to the northern territory of Hokkaido with his wife Ryoko, Atsushi is at a loss with what to do with all the time on his hands. As Atsushi busies himself with erecting a stone gate to surround their new home, a local lad is recruited to help, the couple's reconciling daughter comes to visit and Ryoko holds a secret close to her bosom.

Director: Asahara Yuzo [朝原雄三]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama;

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