Nomura Shuhei (1993)

Nomura Shuhei (1993)

Other Name: 野村周平 のむら しゅうへい 노무라 슈헤이 Shuhei Nomura Nomura Shuuhei Shuuhei Nomura Номура, Сюхэи ชูเฮ โนมูระ

Age: 31

Birthday: November, 14, 1993

Nationality: Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Height: 175 CM

Nomura Shuhei is a Japanese actor from Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture. He belongs to Amuse. He is a quarter Chinese because of his half-Chinese mother.

His debut role was in the 2010 TV series "Shinsengumi: Peace Maker". Prior to his debut in the entertainment world, he was active as a snowboarder and won numerous competitions.

In 2009, he won the Grand Prix at the Amuse National Audition 2009 "THE PUSH! Man ~ Anata no Mawari no Ike Teruko Boshu".

From May 2019, he studied abroad for one year in New York, USA.

Active Years: 2009 - now

Blood Type: AB

Education: Horikoshi Academy; Kobe Chinese School;

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