Unfair: The End (2015)

Unfair: The End (2015)

Other name: アンフェア The End Anfea The End


Set 4 years after movie "Unfair: The Answer."

Natsumi Yukihira (Ryoko Shinohara) receives secret documents of an organization that controls the country from the shadows. Because of this, Natsumi's ex-husband, Kazuo Sato (Teruyuki Kagawa) pays a terrible price. Natsumi goes back to the Investigation #1 of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to take on the organization, but Natsumi becomes involved in a new case. She gets closer to the final enemy.

Director: Sato Shimako [佐藤嗣麻子]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Action; Suspense;

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