Familia (2023)

Familia (2023)

Other name: ファミリア Famiria


Kamiya Seiji works as a pottery craftsman, while he lives alone in a mountain village. His son, Kamiya Gaku, works as an engineer for a large company in Algeria. Kamiya Gaku comes to Japan with his fiance Nadia. He visits his father and tells him that he will quit his job. He wants to work as a pottery craftsman like his father, but Kamiya Seiji opposes the idea.

Meanwhile, Marcos is a Brazilian man living in Japan and he is a neighbor of Kamiya Seiji. Marcos was once chased by a criminal gang, before Kamiya Seiji helped him. Marcos sees a lot of his late father in Kamiya Seiji and he becomes interested in making pottery.

Meanwhile, Kamiya Gaku and his fiance Nadia, who returned to Algeria, experience tragedy.

Director: Narushima Izuru [成島出]

Country: Japanese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Neighbours;

Airs: Jan 06, 2023

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