Loverly Runner (2024)

Loverly Runner (2024)

Other name: 선재 업고 튀어 기억을 걷는 시간 내일의 으뜸 Naeileui Euddeum Seonjae Eobgo Twieo Gieokeul Geodneun Sigan Carry Sun Jae and Run The Best of Tomorrow Time Walking on Memory Run Away With Seon Jae on Piggyback Run Away With Sun Jae on Piggyback Tomorrow’s #1 Tomorrow’s Number One


Ryu Seon Jae is a top star who has been in the spotlight since his debut. His life seems perfect, but being in the entertainment industry has completely worn him out. Im Sol loves Ryu Seon Jae as an adoring fan. When she was little, she had an accident. Due to that, she gave up on her dream, but listening to Ryu Seon Jae’s song on the radio gave her comfort, and she became his fan.

One day, Im Sol hears breaking news that Ryu Seon Jae has ended his own life. She feels deep sadness over the tragic news. Miraculously, Im Sol somehow travels back in time to 15 years in the past. There, she faces Ryu Seon Jae as a 19-year-old high school student. She struggles to prevent his tragic future.

(Source: AsianWiki)

Adapted from the web novel “The Best of Tomorrow” (내일의 으뜸) by Kim Bbang (김빵).

Episodes: 16

Aired On: Monday, Tuesday

Original Network: tvN;

Director: Boo Seong Cheol [부성철], Yoon Jong Ho [윤종호] and Kim Tae Yeong [김태영]

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: Comedy; Fantasy; Romance; School; Time Travel;

Airs: Dec 31, 2024

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