Yakusho Koji (1956)

Yakusho Koji (1956)

Other Name: 役所広司 役所廣司 役所广司 やくしょ こうじ 야쿠쇼 고지 Koji Yakusho Yakusho Kouji Kouji Yakusho Кодзи Якусё קוג'י יאקושו കൊജി യാകുഷോ Կոձի Յակուսյո Jakuso Kódzsi كوچى ياكوشو

Age: 68

Birthday: January, 01, 1956

Nationality: Isahaya, Nagasaki, Japan

Height: 179 CM

Yakusho Koji is a Japanese actor. In 1976, he saw a production of Maxim Gorky's The Lower Depths and was inspired, first to watch, and then later to take part in, as many plays as possible. In 1983, he landed the role of Oda Nobunaga in the year-long NHK drama Tokugawa Ieyasu and was catapulted to fame. For several years, he played Kuji Shinnosuke (or "Sengoku"), one of the title characters in the jidaigeki Sambiki ga Kiru!. In 1988, he was given a special award for work in cinema by the Japanese Minister of Education, Science, Sports and Culture.

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