Under the Open Sky (2021)

Under the Open Sky (2021)

Other name: すばらしき世界 Subarashiki sekai A Wonderful World


Mikami, an ex-yakuza of middle age with most of his life in prison, gets released after serving 13 years of sentence for murder. Hoping to find his long lost mother, from whom he was separated as a child, he applies for a TV show and meets a young TV director Tsunoda. Meanwhile, he struggles to get a proper job and fit into society. His impulsive, adamant nature and ingrained beliefs cause friction in his relationship with Tsunoda and those who want to help him.

Adapted from the novel "Mibuncho" by Ryuzo Saki.

Director: Nishikawa Miwa [西川美和]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Crime; Drama; Murder; Novel;

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