Hashizume Isao (1941)

Hashizume Isao (1941)

Other Name: 橋爪功 はしづめ いさお 桥爪功 하시즈메 이사오 Isao Hashizume Хасидзумэ, Исао อิซะโอะ ฮะชิซุะเมะ إيزاو هاشيزومي

Age: 83

Birthday: September, 17, 1941

Nationality: Osaka, Japan

Height: 168 CM

Hashizume Isao is a Japanese actor born in Higashisumiyoshi Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. He is the representative of the theater group Yen and belongs to Yen Planning.

In 1975, he participated in the founding of the theater group Yen with Akutagawa, Nakaya Noboru, Kishida Kyoko, and Arikawa Hiroshi. Since then, he has continued his stage activities centered on the circle he belongs to. In 2006, after the death of former representative Nakaya Noboru, he became the representative of the group.

He won the Outstanding Supporting Actor award in the 13th Japan Academy Award for his roles in movies "Kitchen", "Juliet Game", and "Zennin no Joken".

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