Pandora S2

Pandora S2


Food crisis occurs worldwide from the rise in grain prices due to conversion to biofuel and crop failure due to climate change due to global warming. Japan relies on imports for most of the major crops. Japan's government recently found that you fall into a serious state of starvation within half a year if imports were stopped. At that time, the agronomist Suzuki Mamoru is the one who succeeded in the development of genetically modified corn to grow at a rate of four times the normal. This miracle corn developed successfully over seven years in a laboratory deep in the mountains isolated from all surroundings. Suzuki named this corn "God Corn." Fund companies to try to monopolize the money tree that produces the God Corn. Government heard rumors of successful development of "God Corn", and tries to get the rights to this God Corn, and the huge profits that are bound to come with it. Suzuki is suddenly caught up in a swirling world of conspiracy. On the other hand, Yagisawa Chikako of the Criminal Investigations Unit harbors a suspicion about the burned bodies of men found in the riverbed. This starts the investigation, and it might be murder rather than suicide or accidental death. Pandora's box has certainly been opened.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2010

Genre: Suspense;

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