Kingdom 4 (2024)

Kingdom 4 (2024)

Other name: キングダム 大将軍の帰還 Kingdom: Daishogun no Kikan


While Qin continues its constant battles to unify the region, neighboring country Cho suddenly invades Qin from the north. To fight against Cho, Eisei places legendary General Ohki as the commander-in-chief. Shin admires Ohki greatly, and his unit is named the Hishin Unit by Ohki. Shin and Ohki stand together at the battle on Mayang against Cho. Despite the disadvantageous situation, they defeat the Cho military. Shin and all the members of the Hishin Unit are happy for victory, but a mysterious shadow approaches the Hishin Unit.

(Source: AsianWiki)

Adapted from the manga series "Kingdom" (キングダム) by Yasuhisa Hara (泰久原).

Director: Sato Shinsuke [佐藤信介]

Country: Japanese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: Action; Adventure; Historical; Manga; Military; political; Swordsman; War;

Airs: Jul 12, 2024

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