Seino Nana (1994)

Seino Nana (1994)

Other Name: 清野菜名 せいの なな Nana Seino Сэино, Нана نانا سينو

Age: 30

Birthday: October, 14, 1994

Nationality: Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Height: 160 CM

Saino Nana was born in Inazawa City, Aichi Prefecture on October 14, 1994. She is a Japanese model and actress.

Since she was young, she decided she wanted to work in either the athletic or entertainment fields. Upon her entrance into high school, she decided to go with performing arts over athletics and moved to Tokyo without her parents. During her second year of high school, she trained for a year in boxing at the action training school under action director Sakaguchi Tak. She also received full-fledged action training in acrobatics. She attributed this choice to seeing Milla Jovovich in "Resident Evil" and becoming interested in action.

From 2007, she worked as Pichi Lemon's dedicated model after winning the 15th audition for the magazine. She was their dedicated model up until her graduation in September of 2011.

In June 2011, she decided to enter into acting. Her first tv drama role came with "Ouran High School Host Club" in the same year.

Due to difficulties she faced, she considered quitting acting and returning to her parent's home. She subsequently missed the audition for "TOKYO TRIBE". In the second round of auditions for the film, she caught the attention of Sono Sion, the film's director, while performing action scenes and was cast as the female lead. She won the Japan Action Award for Best Action Actress and the Best New Artist award in 2015. Her acting following this saw her being praised for her action related acting in films like "Attack on Titan" and "Nowhere Girl".

Despite the attention gained for her action related roles, she decided to begin appearing in acting roles that didn't require action such as "Yasuragi no Sato" and "Totto-chan!".

After starring with actor Ikuta Toma in 2015's "Ouroboros", the two began dating. Following a dating period of 5 years, the two submitted their marriage registration on June 1, 2020. On March 10, 2022 they announced the birth of their first child.

Active Years: 2011 - now

Blood Type: B

Occupation: Actor; Model

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