Whisper of the Heart (2022)

Whisper of the Heart (2022)

Other name: 耳をすませば Mimi wo Sumaseba Mimi o Sumaseba


Tsukishima Shizuku was a junior high school student who loved reading when she met classmate Amasawa Seiji. Her first impression of him wasn't good, but gradually she fell for him since he pursued his dreams. Seiji learns of Shizuku's dream to become a novelist and also falls for her. The duo vow that they will 'surely make their dreams come true'.

Now ten years have passed since that vow.

Shizuku, now twenty-four years old, is an editor for children's novels at a publishing company. She gave up her dream of becoming a novelist, and became someone desperate to sell books. There's now distance between her and Seiji, who continues to pursue his dreams and lives abroad.

Adapted from the manga "Mimi wo Sumaseba" (耳をすませば) by Hiiragi Aoi (柊あおい).

Director: Hirakawa Yuichiro [平川雄一朗]

Country: Japanese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Childhood; Friendship; life; Manga; Romance;

Airs: Oct 14, 2022

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