Port of Lies (2023)

Port of Lies (2023)

Other name: 八尺門的辯護人 八尺门的辩护人 Bat Cek Mun Dik Bin Wu Yan Ba Chi Men De Bian Hu Ren Defender of the Eight-Foot Gate The Attorney from Bachimen


In the deep of the night, Indonesian migrant fisherman Abdul-Adl brutally murders the captain and his family. The appointed indigenous public defender Bao Ju treats the case with contempt. His team also includes Jin Ping, who has a bright future but also a manipulative father, and Leena, an Indonesian nurse who is harassed by her employer. They team up, translating for and defending the murderer. Bao Ju’s team finds evidence that implicates Zhen Xiong, the owner of a fishery group. Witness collusion, a biased judge and disagreements on mental evaluation worsen the situation. Bao Ju goes to his ex-lover Qing Xue, the Minister of Justice, for help. Jin Ping and Leena become intimate. Bao Ju’s team finds the key witness, Suprianto, but he disappears after receiving death threats. Overwhelmed by setbacks, Bao Ju loses the case. To overturn the decision, Bao Ju has to regroup, but more obstacles appear. Bao Ju discovers evidence that can halt the death penalty, but Qing Xue approves the execution. With limited time, Bao Ju must come up with a perfect solution to save his client.

(Source: pavilion.taicca)

Adapted from the novel "Ba Chi Men De Bian Hu Ren" (八尺门的辩护人) by Tang Fu Rui (唐福睿).

Original Network: ViuTV; PTS;

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Conspiracy; Drama; Investigation; Law; Mystery;

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