Court Battle (2020)

Court Battle (2020)

Other name: 决胜法庭 決勝法庭 결승법정 Jue Sheng Fa Ting Decisive Court Winning Court Court of Final Determination Битва в суде


It tells the story of prosecutor Gao Jian, assistant prosecutor Fu Xiaorou and other individuals who strive to restore the truth through the justice system.

Gao Jian is a special prosecutor of the Jiangdong Procuratorate. Strict and prudent, he is the type of person who does not tolerate even a single mistake. Fu Xiao Rou's addition to the team as an assistant brings new vitality to the office.

At the same time, several corruption cases shake up the established Jiangdong Group. Tie Rong Guang commits suicide in prison. Although his son Tie Li and Gao Jian have been friends for many years, Tie Li finds himself unable to let go so he chooses to leave Jiangdong.

Meanwhile, traces of Jiangdong Group remain in Gao Jian's prosecution case. While investigating an illegal fundraising case, it was discovered that Tie Li has returned with a goal to track down his father's killers. A showdown between righteousness and evil begins.

Original Network: Tencent Video; iQiyi; Youku; ZJTV; JSTV;

Director: Yu Yong Gang [于永刚], Lian Yi Ming [连奕名], Song Cheng Ming [宋成名], Gao Zi Gang [高梓刚]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Crime; Law;

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