Mark Du (1978)

Mark Du (1978)

Other Name: 杜奕衡 Gui Yi Heng Du Yi Heng Du Mark John Do Do John Марк Ду

Age: 46

Birthday: September, 04, 1978

Nationality: Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Height: 178 CM

Mark Du Yi Heng is a Chinese actor and singer born in Chengdu, China. Before making his own mark on the screen, Du has worked as Andy Lau Tak Wah's stunt double in many of his roles. In both the movie and TV version of Flying Swords of Dragon Gates, he played a commander of the West Depot Brocade Guards. His TV breakout role is Cao Shuang in Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon. He will also play Tang the Barbarian in the upcoming multi-season fantasy epic series Ever Night.

Active Years: 2008 - now

Occupation: actor, producer, presenter, planning

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