Wang Qing Xiang (1949)

Wang Qing Xiang (1949)

Other Name: 王庆祥 王慶祥 Wong Hing Cheung Ван Цинсян

Age: 74

Birthday: February, 20, 1949

Nationality: Beijing, China

Height: 178 CM

Wang Qing Xiang, born in Beijing, is a Chinese actor. In 1960, because he was good at dancing, singing and acting, he joined Haizheng Art Troupe and became a dancer. In 1964, he joined the Mao Zedong Thought Propaganda Team, playing the flute and percussion in the band as an accompaniment. During rehearsal, he learned to act, recite Peking opera and Lu opera. In 1974, he was transferred to the Haizheng Repertory Troupe to perform dramas. In 1983, he officially entered showbiz with his first TV series "Reasonable Collision".

In 2001, he received two awards for his lead role in the 2000 movie "Fatal Decision", namely the "7th China Film Huabiao Award for Outstanding Actor" and the "24th Popular Film Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actor".

In 2004, he won the "14th Zhejiang TV Peony Award for Outstanding Actor" for the 2003 historical TV series "The Great Ming Dynasty".

Active Years: 1986 - now

Occupation: actor, story author, screenwriter

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