Rasen (1999)

Rasen (1999)

Other name: らせん 午夜凶铃之螺旋 らせん あなたも貞子から逃げられない。 Rasen Anata mo Sadako Kara Nigerarenai. Spiral Ring 2


Pathologist Dr. Andou Mitsuo gets tangled into the web of the video tape and Yamamura Sadako by pure luck. Unbeknown to the circumstances of discovering the tape, Mitsuo resumed the search to find the real 'truth' that was left hanging from Takayama Ryuuji and Asakawa Kazuyuki as Sadako continues to lurk, killing more people faster in another way than by watching the tape.

Original Network: Fuji TV;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 1999

Genre: Horror; Investigation; Mystery; Novel; Supernatural; Suspense;

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