Naito Takashi (1955)

Naito Takashi (1955)

Other Name: 内藤剛志 ないとう たかし Takashi Naito Naitou Takashi Takashi Naitou

Age: 69

Birthday: May, 27, 1955

Nationality: Osaka, Japan

Height: 180 CM

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Naito Takashi is a Japanese actor, voice actor, talent, and moderator born in Higashi-ku, Osaka and raised in Korien, Neyagawa.

He graduated from Osaka Seikouin High School and dropped out of the Department of Film, Faculty of Arts, Nihon University. After working at Hyundai Production Building, he belongs to the Sakaguchi Kyoko office.

Aspiring to be a jazz musician, he moved to Tokyo to enroll in Iida Jazz School. However, he gave up on that path shortly after enrollment and he entered Nihon University College of Art, Department of Film. At the same time, he started making independent films with his classmate Nagasaki Shunichi. He has starred in many of Nagasaki's works such as "Baku o Buttobase" and "Zoka no Kareru Kisetsu".

After working at the Bungakuza Institute, he made his debut in the 1980 movie "Hippocrates". Since then, he has been active mainly in TV dramas and movies and has been steadily continuing his entertainment activities.

In the voice acting business, he mainly appears in animated films. Originally cast as the voice actor of Black Jack, the main character of the OVA version of "Black Jack", he was replaced by Otsuka Akio because he suffered from a sudden illness.

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