Jinsei Wa Jojo Da (1995)

Jinsei Wa Jojo Da (1995)

Other name: 人生は上々だ Life is Good Friends in Need


Hachiro is a former boxer, now working as a debt collector for a finance company. He is sent to collect money from Kazuma, a former trainee doctor who has fallen on hard times ever since the suicide of his girlfriend. Hachiro pursues Kazuma into a bank, where Kazuma convinces the staff that the debt collector is, in fact, an armed robber. Although he is falsely arrested, Hachiro develops a liking for the roguish renegade and even offers to help him evade other debt collectors.

Director: Yoshida Akio [吉田秋生], Namba Kazuhiro [難波 一弘] and Kiyohiro Makoto [清弘誠]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 1995

Genre: Action; Drama; Friendship;

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