Dust To Dust (2023)

Dust To Dust (2023)

Other name: 第八个嫌疑人 第8个嫌疑人 Di Ba Ge Xian Yi Ren


In 1995, a large-scale armed banknote robbery occurred in Guangdong, when a bank money truck was robbed by five armed bandits, causing losses as high as 15 million, and three banknote bearers were killed in the incident. The incident shocked the whole country, and the Public Security Bureau immediately set up a special case team, and the criminal police led by Wang Shou Yue and He Lan, quickly collected evidence, successfully grasped the whereabouts of the five robbers and arrested them one by one. This leads officers, to real mastermind behind the robber's. Still, the police have not received all the answers regarding the crime.

But 21 years later, a strange video appears that alludes to a theft from years ago. It attracts the attention of Wang Shou Yue, who has already left the service, but thanks to it, he has a desire to return to the case again and finally discover the truth that has been bothering him for years.

(Source: Chinese = Douban)

Release dates: Jun 16, 2023 (Festival) | Sep 9, 2023 (Cinema)

Country: Chinese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Crime; Drama;

Airs: Sep 09, 2023

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