Daughter of Lupin (Lupin no Musume)

Daughter of Lupin (Lupin no Musume)

Other name: ルパンの娘 Rupan no Musume Lupin's Daughter


Hana comes from a family that has been thieves for generations. Hana refuses to become a thief and she wants to live a normal life. She currently works as a librarian and she is dating Kazuma, who works as a public officer. She hears that Kazuma’s family are all public officers. One day, Hana visits Kazuma’s family. She discovers that Kazuma ’s family, including Kazuma, are actually all police officers.

Hana gets involved in a case and falls into trouble. To help Hana, Kazuma helps Hana’s family commit theft.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Action; Comedy; Crime; Family; Investigation; Romance;

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