Motomiya Yasukaze (1972)

Motomiya Yasukaze (1972)

Other Name: 本宮泰風 もとみや やすかぜ Yasukaze Motomiya Мотомия, Ясукадзэ

Age: 52

Birthday: February, 07, 1972

Nationality: Adachi, Tokyo, Japan

Height: 185 CM

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Yasukaze Motomiya is a Japanese actor. His real name is Yasuyuki Hirai. He is represented with Triple A.

Motomiya's elder brother is Ryuji Harada, also an actor. His wife is tarento Akiko Matsumoto.

Motomiya was scouted after his older brother entered the entertainment industry and debuted in 1994 Spur wa Yukue Fumei (Nippon TV). Contrary to Harada's brother, Harada who often plays a good role, he often plays a villain, a suspicious person, or a role to be killed.

Motomiya's son is a big fan of Heisei Kamen Rider series and his was playing with his son and a rider (a monster), so he volunteered for "my son will be delighted" and appeared in Kamen Rider Blade. By the way, when he was appearing on this programme, he said that he did harassment, such as hiding shoes against the cast of the role of the rider, and made a role by doing "hatred efforts".

Motomiya's special skills are kendo, MMA fighting, boxing, and baseball.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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