Nihon Touitsu Kantohen (2023)

Nihon Touitsu Kantohen (2023)

Other name: 日本統一 関東編 Unification of Japan Kanto Edition


After a Kyowakai member is killed, detectives Shima and Hayami investigate the case, which is connected to recent unsolved murders. Kyowakai also launches their own investigation to avenge their comrade, intertwining their efforts with the police. The case involves a large organization framing Kyowakai.

Original Network: NTV; Hulu;

Director: Tsuji Hiroyuki [辻裕之]

Country: Japanese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Action; Crime; Drama; Miniseries;

Airs: Apr 14, 2023

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