Bijo ka Yajuu (2003)

Bijo ka Yajuu (2003)

Other name: 美女か野獣 びじょかやじゅう 미녀 혹은 야수 美女或野獸 美女或野兽 Kiss? or Fight? The Beauty or the Beast Beauty or Beast


This drama pits two protagonists against each other. On the one hand there's Makoto, a woman who believes that the TV program is a product and that viewer ratings are the proceeds, and who believes any method is fair in getting those ratings. On the other hand there's Hiromi, a flashy sort of guy who claims that life is to enjoy and boasts that the program is simply a tool in that process. He loves wine, women and gambling. Such a pair is bound to mix like oil and water, but following a fateful reunion, they come to understand each other in the midst of confrontation.

Original Network: Fuji TV;

Director: Matsuda Hidetomo [松田秀知], Nishitani Hiroshi [西谷弘] and Wakamatsu Setsuro [若松節朗]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2003

Genre: Comedy; Romance;

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