Against the Light (2023)

Against the Light (2023)

Other name: 流光之下 逆光 璀璨 Cui Can Ni Guang


A story set in the world of fashionable jewelry that revolves around a woman who hides her identity to unravel a secret while proving herself to be an outstanding jerweler.

When Bai Xining was ten years old, her life is turned upside down and she goes from being an heiress of a jewelry enterprise to completely penniless. She is sent to Australia to be adopted by a Chinese couple and loses all contact with her home country. However, she eventually discovers that the reason her mother was sent to prison was because she had been framed. Fifteen years later, Xining who has earned a dual degree through her own hard work and capability joins the company that was once owned by her mother. She finds herself in the center of a power struggle between Li Zhuoran and Lin Yi.

(Source: ChineseDrama)

Episodes: 45

Original Network: JSTV;

Director: Wong Chun Man [黄俊文]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Business; Drama; Family; melodrama; Romance; Tragic Past; Workplace;

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