Xu Xiao Sa (1987)

Xu Xiao Sa (1987)

Other Name: 徐小飒 徐飒 徐行 Xu Sa Xu Xing

Age: 37

Birthday: July, 16, 1987

Nationality: Tianshui, China

Height: 168 CM

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Xu Xiao Sa is a Chinese actress who graduated from Beijing Film Academy.

Among her famous classmates are actresses Zheng Shuang, Jing Tian and Chai Bi Yun.

After making her debut in the drama series Dream of Red Mansions (2010) she starred in a number of roles including Goddess Guan Yin (as Xu Sa) in Fragrant Mountain before moving behind screen for a time as an assistant to actress Yang Mi.

Recently, she made a come back on screen under her current stage name (Xu Xiao Sa).

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