Shuri (1990)

Shuri (1990)

Other Name: 趣里 水谷趣里 しゅり みずたに しゅり Mizutani Shuri Shuri Mizutani

Age: 34

Birthday: September, 21, 1990

Nationality: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 158 CM

Shuri is a Japanese actress. She is the daughter of actor Mizutani Yutaka and actress/singer Ito Ran. Trained in classical ballet and aspired to be a ballerina, she had to give up her dream because of injuries. It was after her dancing career was prematurely over that she started to seriously consider acting. She admitted that even though she had been interested in acting when she's young, she was originally reluctant to pursue it as a career for fear of living under the shadow of her parents. She made her debut during college and ended up dropping out to focus on acting.

Shuri won the 42nd Japan Academy Award for Newcomer of the Year, for her role in "Love At Least". She is represented by Top Coat

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