Tokyo Hinkon Joshi. (2023)

Tokyo Hinkon Joshi. (2023)

Other name: 東京貧困女子。 東京貧困女子。-貧困なんて他人事だと思ってた- Tokyo Hinkon Joshi.: Hinkon Nante Hitogotoda to Omotteta Tokyo Poverty Girl. Tokyo Poor Girls.: I Thought Poverty Was Someone Else's Problem Токийские нищие


After her divorce, Kariya Mako returned to work as a contract editor for an economics magazine. There, she is ordered to be in charge of a serialization based on the theme of women in poverty. She interviews people living in various difficult situations, and it gradually makes her realize that this is a widespread problem that she herself is not entirely impervious to, as she is also someone dealing with employment instability while struggling to raise her children.

(Source: Drama Otaku)

~~ Adapted from the book "Tokyo Hinkon Joshi. Kanojotachi wa Naze Tsumazuita no ka" (東京貧困女子。彼女たちはなぜ躓いたのか) by Nakamura Atsuhiko (中村淳彦).

Episodes: 6

Original Network: WOWOW;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama;

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