Sheren Tang (1966)

Sheren Tang (1966)

Other Name: 鄧萃雯 邓萃雯 등취문 シェレン・タン Tang Shui Man Deng Cui Wen Tang Sheren Шерен Тэнг เติ้ง ชุ่ยเหวิน

Age: 58

Birthday: March, 02, 1966

Nationality: British Hong Kong

Height: 164 CM

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Sheren Tang Shui-man is a famous Hong Kong television actress who is known for not signing a long-term contract with TVB, preferring to work on a per-drama contract with the TV station. She is most famous for her roles in the mega-hit TVB drama series like War and Beauty, La Femme Desperado, The Family Link, Rosy Business and No Regrets. She moved over to rival station ATV in 1996 and returned to TVB in 2000.

In 1985, Tang joined TVB's training classes. Months later, after her graduation, Tang was cast in her first role in The Legend of the General Who Never Was 1985 with Alex Man as his leading lady.

Her acting in War and Beauty as Yu Fei (如妃) was critically acclaimed, making her a hot favourite for the "Best Actress" award in 2004. However, she did not win, with the award being given to Gigi Lai instead. Votings were closed the night before the awards ceremony, with Tang leading by a landslide; thus many people concluded that the "Best Actress" award would surely go to her. Tang, instead, went home with the My Favourite Powerhouse Actress Award (now renamed as Best Supporting Actress award). This attracted a lot of backlash and anger from the citizens of Hong Kong, which prompted the ICAC to conduct investigations into the award show. The situation worsened when TVB asked Lai to film The Charm Beneath, which Tang was originally supposed to film with Bobby Au-yeung.

Her role as Hilda (海翹) in La Femme Desperado in 2006 was once again very well-received by the Hong Kongers, making her the hot favourite for the "Best Actress" award. The award however, went to Charmaine Sheh for her role in Maiden's Vow.

In 2009, Tang's role as 4th Wife (四奶奶) in Rosy Business brought her much popularity, making her a hot favourite for the "Best Actress" award once again. However, it was said that TVB pushed back the awards to December so that Grand Production dramas Born Rich and Beyond the Realm of Conscience could be included in the nominations, greatly diminishing Tang's chance of winning the award. It was rumoured that TVB had initially wanted to promote the female lead of Beyond the Realm of Conscience, Tavia Yeung, to become the Best Actress. However, Yeung has openly rejected TVB's offer, saying that if Tang did not get the "Best Actress" award, she would join the rest of the netizens to protest against TVB's decision.

However, this time round, with TVB producer Catherine Tsang backing her, Tang was duly awarded her "Best Actress" award, much to the joy of Hong Kong citizens, whereby there was a petition signed by them for TVB to award Tang her long-overdue "Best Actress" award, failing which they will hold protests outside TVB City.

At the 2010 TVB Anniversary Awards which was held on 5th December 2010, thanks to her brilliant performance as Cheng Gau-Mui (鄭九妹) in the highly-acclaimed indirect sequel to Rosy Business, No Regrets, Tang was once again seen as the hot favourite for the "Best Actress" award. Due to strong backing from the netizens, Tang was once again awarded the coveted "Best Actress" award, making her the first actress in Hong Kong to win this top award consecutively.

To date, Tang remains the only TV actress in Hong Kong who has starred in 6 TVB dramas, in which she was the lead actress, that has reached the 40-point mark. 3 of these dramas, namely War and Beauty, La Femme Desperado and Rosy Business have been awarded the "Best Drama" award at the TVB Anniversary Awards.

Tang is the first person to have been awarded TVB Best Actress for two consecutive years.

Active Years: 1985 - now

Occupation: actress

[Source: Wikipedia]

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