Women Walk the Line (2022)

Women Walk the Line (2022)

Other name: 我们的当打之年 是全新的30岁啊 Wo Men De Dang Da Zhi Nian Shi Quan Xin De 30 Sui Ah Thirty Walk the Line


A pair of post-90s besties have chosen very different paths in life. Upon graduation, one stayed in Shanghai to focus on her career while the other returned to their hometown to get married. In recent years, they encounter unprecedented difficulties.

For many years, Yuan Ge has been married to her job and hasn't bothered investing in relationships. As her health takes a hit, she starts to make changes in her life. For eight years, Gu Qiao has made constant concessions for her husband only to be given divorce papers in the end. This time around, she's determined to restart her career.

While both ladies have completely different personalities, they are equally tough and brave. In a metropolis full of opportunities, it is easy to lose your away. Not afraid of falling, they are persistent and join hands in overcoming difficulties to complete the transformation of youth and usher in a new chapter in their thirties.

Original Network: Tencent Video; iQiyi;

Director: Shen Yang [沈阳]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; life; Romance;

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