La Femme Desperado

La Femme Desperado


Chai Foon (Raymond Lam) and Ko Chi-Ling (Melissa Ng) - Chai Foon has been in love with his tutor, Ling, since he was 11 and she was 18. They depict the problems of overcoming a seven year age gap in traditional Chinese society. Man King-Leung (Michael Tse) and Hilda Hoi Kiu (Sheren Tang) - shows their quest to power and fame, their readiness to sacrifice anything - even their loved ones - for the sake of climbing the corporate ladder. However, throughout the show, their characters began to make the realization that love and family are actually much more significant in life than success in the business world. Ko Chi-Lik (Kenneth Ma) and Ida Hoi Suen (Kate Tsui) - focuses on the status of the woman in modern society. Raised in a patriarchal environment, Lik, who has very old-fashioned thinking, believes that women cannot become sushi chefs. He believes that a woman should be staying at home, cooking, serving their husbands and caring for the children. Ida on the other hand, is a very strong-willed modern Chinese woman. Through her determination, confidence and persistence, she proves her skills to him. Their frequent conflict and arguments over the rights and roles of women and Lik's eventual realization that women can indeed accomplish greater accomplishments than men show the gradual progression of value changes.

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2006

Genre: Comedy; Romance;

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