Mary Ma (1994)

Mary Ma (1994)

Other Name: 馬春瑞 马春瑞 马心瑞 馬心瑞 马瑞 馬瑞 Ma Xin Rui Ma Chun Rui Ma Mary Marie Ma Ma Marie Мэри Ма

Age: 30

Birthday: February, 05, 1994

Nationality: China

Height: 172 CM

Ma Chun Rui (English name: Mary) is a Chinese mainland model and actress. In 2013, she participated in the 25th Global Bikini Competition China Division and won the championship, then participate in the International Yacht Model Contest, won the Shaanxi Division champion and the Chinese Division "the most dynamic award" and other awards, in the finals into the top ten.

Active Years: 2016 - now

Occupation: actress

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