Lost Love in Times SP

Lost Love in Times SP

Other name: 醉玲瓏番外之玲瓏醉夢 Exquisite Drunken Dream Ling Long Drunken Dream


The spinoff sticks to the theme of dual timelines and focuses on the 11th Prince and the 12th Prince who were supporting characters in the original. The story follows a heart-wrenching romance that is not without its fair share of light and comic moments.

Yuan Che, the 11th Prince, almost loses his life for the sake of his country. With the help of the sorceress, his fiancee Cai Qian enters another reality that exists within a dream in order to find him. However, other forces interfere causing the Yuan Che to become completely unlike himself in personality and inactions to the point that his fiancee can no longer recognize him. Will the couple ever be truly reunited?

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Historical; Romance;

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