Still Not Enough

Still Not Enough

Other name: 还没爱够 爱我,你敢吗? Hai Mei Ai Gou Ai Wo Ni Gan Ma Love Me, Do You Dare?


A love story between a man with a fear of commitment and a woman with low self-esteem.

Due to his parents being separated, Chen Jiong has lost faith in love and relationships which has resulted in an irrational fear of marriage. He is able to help others with their problems but never managed to deal with his own problem. Jiang Xiao Xi is a Beijing native from a good family. She is a gifted piano player but a mistake during an important competition causes her to lose confidence and give up on her dreams. Since then, she has become unwilling to give effort towards anything for fear of losing. Due to his fear of commitment, Chen Jiong breaks up with girlfriend Xiao Yu. Jiang Xiao Xi also parts ways with boyfriend Wang Cong after he cheated on her. Their separate encounters ultimately lead them towards each other.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Business; Drama; Family; Friendship; life; Romance;

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