Suet Lam (1964)

Suet Lam (1964)

Other Name: 林雪 林捷 임설 Lam Chit Lin Xue Lam Suet Лам Сют

Age: 60

Birthday: July, 08, 1964

Nationality: Tianjin, China

Height: 170 CM

Lam Suet is a Hong Kong actor born in Tianjin, China. He came to Hong Kong as a youth in 1979. In the mid-nineteen-eighties, he started work on movie sets doing different roles, from lighting and props to stage manager and set and script supervisor. Lam gradually developed an interest in acting and pestered various directors until they relented and gave him tiny roles.

Two people played a pivotal role in Lam's acting career. The first is Stephen Chow, who befriended him early on and cast him in movies like The God of Cookery (1996) and Kung Fu Hustle. The second person is director Johnnie To. Out of more than 80 films that Lam acted in, since 1996, at least 20 of those have been directed or produced by To.

The most notable To-Lam collaborations include The Mission, which garnered Lam a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the Hong Kong Film Awards, the Golden Horse Award. He won the Golden Bauhinia Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in PTU.

Known for his weight and size, his roles are often as a bumbling secondary character, providing comic relief.

Active Years: 1989 - now

Occupation: actor, producer

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