Three (2016)

Three (2016)

Other name: 三人行 Saam Yan Hang San Ren Xing


The police have just accidentally shot the gangster boss, Shun, in the head. Chief Inspector Chen reluctantly brings Shun to the Emergency Room at Victoria Hospital, but he's more concerned with covering up his team member's mistake. As Dr. Tong tries to convince Shun to have the surgery to remove the bullet lodged in his brain, Inspector Chen is more interested in interrogating Shun about his fellow gang members.

Tong and Chen both take their work seriously, but Chen is so fed up with his job that he couldn't care less if he follows the letter of the law. Tong accordingly holds Chen in contempt for his aggressive disinterest in his victim's well-being and rebuffs him every time he tries to prevent her from doing her job.

Shun, the clever criminal, provokes both of his captors, because as long as he is handcuffed to a hospital gurney, he has control over both Tong and Chen. He knows the etiquette and protocol that govern Tong's job and manipulates her lack of prior knowledge. Shun knows that his best opportunity for escape is at the hospital. He is trying to delay as much as possible, in order to give a chance for his gang to come rescue him. Chen realizes what game Shun is playing, but feigns ignorance, because he wants a chance to capture the entire gang. Tension builds between the three very different personalities, as the night progresses.

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Action; Crime; Medical; Thriller;

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