Mr. Fighting

Mr. Fighting

Other name: 加油,你是最棒的 Jia You, Ni Shi Zui Bang De Keep Going, You’re the Best


A story about the little people in society who join hands to help an actor regain his fame and find warmth with each other during trying times.

Hao Ze Yu debuted 10 years ago through a talent competition. The years have not treated him kindly as he is now considered a has-been. He meets an unconventional team comprised of the beautiful, middle-aged Niu Mei Li, the chubby and unemployed Fu Zi and Fu Zi's dad who works as a driver.

The three are determined to turn Hao Ze Yu into a big star. Through a stroke of luck, Hao Ze Yu gets his shot at stardom which ignites a series of events. The interim family unit is in danger of falling apart as romance complicates Hao Ze Yu's choices between personal interest and family.

Adapted from a novel with the same title by Zi You Ji Guang.

Director: Liu Xin [刘新]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Family; Friendship; Romance;

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