Ichikawa Mikako (1978)

Ichikawa Mikako (1978)

Other Name: 市川実日子 いちかわ みかこ 이치카와 미카코 市川實日子 Mikako Ichikawa Итикава, Микако มิคะโกะ อิชะกะวะ

Age: 46

Birthday: June, 13, 1978

Nationality: Ota, Tokyo, Japan

Height: 169 CM

Ichikawa Mikako is a Japanese fashion model and actress born in Tokyo. She belongs to Suurkiitos.

She became an exclusive model for the Japanese fashion magazine "Olive" in 1994. She left the position in 1998 and appeared in magazines such as "CUTiE," "Zipper," and "spoon." After that, she appeared in high fashion magazines such as "Soen" and "GINZA."

In 1998, she made her acting debut in the short film "How to Jujitsu."

Ichikawa won the Best Actress Award at the 24th Moscow International Film Festival in 2003 for "blue." In 2016, she won the Mainichi Film Award for Best Supporting Actress and the 40th Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress for "Shin Godzilla."

Her sister is model and actress Ichikawa Miwako.

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