Kono Koi Atatamemasuka (2020)

Kono Koi Atatamemasuka (2020)

Other name: この恋あたためますか このこいあたためますか 這份愛要加熱嗎? Kono Koi Atatamemasu Ka Do You Want to Warm Up This Love?


21-year-old Kiki Inoue works part-time at a convenience store. She spends her days in a state of torpor. One day, Kiki Inoue meets Takumi Asaba, who is the CEO of a convenience store chain. She has a social media account where she reviews sweets. Her social media account has caught the CEO's attention. Takumi Asaba gets her to work on developing sweets to sell at his convenience store chain.

Meanwhile, Takumi Asaba became the CEO to turnaround his company that's ranked lowest among convenience store chains. While talking about developing new sweets, they become attracted to each other.

Original Network: TBS;

Director: Tsuboi Toshio [坪井敏雄] and Okamoto Shingo [岡本伸吾ご]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Business; Drama; Food; Romance;

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