34-year-old Motoko, an employee at a credit union, is stunned when she learns her best friend and co-worker, Mariko, has embezzled 300 million yen and disappeared. Motoko, still un-married, lives at home with her parents and has no future plans or goals. Tired of her monotonous, mundane lifestyle, she decides to move out and live on her own. She happens upon a beautiful old geshuku, or lodging house, called "Happiness Sancha." The building is surrounded by lush vegetable and flower gardens, and is nestled right on the riverbank. There are only 2 remaining tenants; Natsuko, a college professor who has lived there since she herself was in college, and Kizuna, an erotic manga artist whose work doesn't sell much. The manager, Yuka, is desperate to take on more boarders, which is perfect timing for Motoko. This simple drama examines the life of four totally different women brought together under one roof, and follows them on their own searches for happiness at "Happiness Sancha."

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2003


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