Baba Fumika (1995)

Baba Fumika (1995)

Other Name: 馬場ふみか ばば ふみか 바바 후미카 馬場富美香 馬場富美加 Fumika Baba Баба, Фумика Φουμίκα Μπάμπα

Age: 29

Birthday: June, 21, 1995

Nationality: Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan

Height: 167 CM

Zodiac sign: N/A

Baba Fumika is a Japanese actress and model who is represented by the talent agency, Name Management. She was scouted at a local street when she was in high school and started working as a model for the local free newspaper, Niigata Bishōjo Zukan. Baba later belonged with other junior high school students in the kid's troupe, Apricot, and later appeared on a local stage. Her acting debut was in the film Puzzle, in 2014. Baba has publicly stated her admiration for the actress Fumi Nikaidō.

Her television drama debut was in Kamen Rider Drive as the enemy, Medic.

Active Years: 2014 - now

Blood Type: AB

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