Code Blue Mou Hitotsu No Senjou (2018)

Code Blue Mou Hitotsu No Senjou (2018)

Other name: コード・ブルー 特別編 -もう一つの戦場 Code Blue Special - Another Battlefield


The story that bridges the 3rd Season and the movie-

This is something that the people who are about to watch the movie, or the people who have already watched the movie will enjoy!

During the 3rd season that was broadcasted last July 2017, when Kousaku Aizawa (Tomohisa Yamashita), Megumi Shiraishi (Yui Aragaki), Mihoko Hiyama (Erika Toda), Haruka Saejima (Manami Higa), and Kazuo Fujikawa (Yosuke Asari) have guided the young new addition of life-saving emergency interns, Soma Natori (Daiki Arioka), Shunpei Haitani (Ryo Narita), Akari Yokomine (Yuko Araki), and the flight nurse Futaba Yukimura (Fumika Baba) and have shown growth, they again desperately face lifesaving in a realistic scene of medical treatment and had been drawn into favorable reputation.

This special reveals another hidden story which was not told in the 3rd season.

"Can Haitani ride the Doctor Heli now?"

The crash of Doctor Heli has left a huge scar. Dr Haitani, who whenever rides the Doctor Heli and talks in the radio, gets flashback memories of the crash, and needless to say, shakes and trembles when talking. Mio Oshima, who was on her way to her wedding, was engulfed in an accident and lost her bridegroom. The two of them were inflicted with a major wound in their hearts.

In order to overcome PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), Haitani began receiving counsel from the psychiatrist, Shiori Ninomiya (Rika Izumi).

However, the site where lifesaving is needed cannot wait. There are successive calls requesting for the Doctor Heli. And the collapsing of the subway tunnel happened. Haitani, who cannot go to the scene, had no choice but to make desperate efforts in the hospital.

Can Haitani make a new step and overcome his PTSD?!

If you watch this, you will be able to review the 3rd season!

Original Network: Fuji TV;

Director: Noda Yusuke [野田雄介]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Drama; Medical;

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