Kemutai Ane to Zurui Imoto (2023)

Kemutai Ane to Zurui Imoto (2023)

Other name: けむたい姉とずるい妹 けむたいあねとずるいいもうと Kemutai Ane to Zurui Imouto Annoying and Cunning Sisters


Togo Jun and Mishima Ran, estranged sisters who had a falling out over a man, are reunited following their mother's death. The man, Ritsu, was Jun's boyfriend and is now the husband of Ran. The three have wound up living together under one roof.


Adapted from the manga series "Kemutai Ane to Zurui Imoto" (けむたい姉とずるい妹) by Battan (ばったん).

Episodes: 10

Original Network: TV Tokyo;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Manga; Romance;

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