Hugo Ho (1982)

Hugo Ho (1982)

Other Name: 胡歌 胡柯 フー・ゴー 후거 Hu Ke Hu Ge Ho Hugo Hugh Hu Hu Hugh Ху Гэ หู เกอ

Age: 42

Birthday: September, 20, 1982

Nationality: Shanghai,China

Height: 185 CM

Hu Ge (English name: Hugh) is a Chinese actor and singer. While studying at the Shanghai Theater Academy, he was invited to play the leading role in the 2005 television series "Chinese Paladin", and immediately skyrocketed to fame as one of China's most popular actors. In September 2012, he was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 31st Hundred Flowers Awards for his role in the 2012 Chinese historical film "1911". Hu gained widespread acclaim with his roles in the 2015 spy series "The Disguiser" and in the wuxia series "Nirvana in Fire", for which he received the Best Actor Award at the 22nd Magnolia Awards and the Golden Eagle Awards.

Hu was born in Shanghai and received his first training in performing arts in Little Stars Performing Arts School run by Shanghai Media Group (SMG). At age 14, Hu Ge started to host a popular TV show "Sunshine Youth" for three years. Hu began his acting career by appearing in TV commercials, which helped him gain financial independence before graduating from high school. In 2001, Hu Ge was admitted to two prestigious art institutes in China: the Central Academy of Drama and Shanghai Theatre Academy. Hu Ge decided to attend the latter, particularly attracted by its strong major in acting.

Hu Ge was involved in a car accident on 29 August 2006 while traveling from Hengdian to Shanghai on the highway. He survived with severe injuries while his assistant died. Hu had to undergo surgery and the entire healing process took approximately one year. The filming of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", which he was working on then, was temporarily halted due to his injury, in addition to being unable to complete promoting his finished project "The Young Warriors" with his fellow cast members. Hu Ge expresses how he felt about the incident through the performance of his single "Dare to Love", and filmed a music video with his co-star from the two series and friend Cecilia Liu. Soon after the accident, he also published the book "Scavenger of Happiness".

Hu owns his own agency called Hu Ge Studio, which is under Tangren Media.

Active Years: 1999 - now

Occupation: actor, producer, screenwriter

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