The Little Fairy (2006)

The Little Fairy (2006)

Other name: 天外飛仙 七仙女 天外飞仙 Tian Wai Fei Xian Fairy From Wonderland The Little Fairies Seven of the Sky


This drama is a retelling of the well-known love story between a goddess and a mortal.

Goddess Xiao Qi commits a major crime. She is punished by having her powers stripped away and is banished to the mortal realm. She can only regain her goddess status by accomplishing 100 charitable acts. Dong Yong rescues her and teaches her what it's like to be a mortal. However, she also learns how to love even though love is forbidden between goddesses and mortals. When their love affair is discovered, heavenly guards descend onto the mortal realm to separate the two lovers. However, they are willing to do anything to stay together.

Original Network: CCTV;

Director: Lee Kwok Lap [李国立] and Leung Sing Kuen [梁胜权]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2006

Genre: Adventure; Deity; Fantasy; Friendship; Romance;

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