Butterfly Lovers

Butterfly Lovers


Life is fleeting as the butterfly, beautiful yet transient. As legend has it, a pair of butterfly lovers re- appears once more after having gone through three lifetimes of repeated pain and tears. This time, they find each other in the world of martial arts. Liang is highly skilled in martial arts and resides in the mountains. When his Master tasks him to take care of Zhu, a girl from a wealthy family who dresses as a guy to hide herself from a revenge, it sparks off the painful journey that they must go through once again. Zhu's father, in order to repay the kindness shown to him, has betrothed her to a General Ma although Zhu is in love with Liang. Love can fester into hate in some while in the selected few, it can lead to undying love that survives one lifetime after another.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2008

Genre: Action; Romance;

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