Wise Prison Life (2017)

Wise Prison Life (2017)

Other name: 슬기로운 감빵생활 감옥 刑務所のルールブック 机智牢房生活 機智牢房生活 監獄手記 Seulgirowoon Gambbangsaenghwal Seulgirowun Gamppangsaenghwal Gamok Smart Prison Living Prison Playbook Prison Дорама Мудрая тюремная жизнь Тюремная пьеса


Kim Je Hyuk, a famous baseball player, is convicted after using excessive force while chasing a man trying to sexually assault his sister. Shockingly to him and the rest of the nation, he is sentenced to a year in prison. There he meets his childhood friend and fellow baseball player, Lee Joon Ho, who gave up on baseball after a car accident, but now is a prison guard and one of Je Hyuk's biggest fans. The drama revolves around Je Hyuk's time in prison, as well as prisoners he meets and events that take place there.

Original Network: Netflix; tvN;

Director: Shin Won Ho [신원호]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Bromance; Comedy; Crime; Drama; Friendship; life; Murder; Romance;

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