Turn Left Turn Right

Turn Left Turn Right

Other name: Turn Left Turn Right สมองเลี้ยวซ้าย หัวใจเลี้ยวขวา Turn Left Turn Right ผู้หญิงเลี้ยวซ้าย ผู้ชายเลี้ยวขวา


This is about the life stories of three characters from three generations, whose fate led them to a little mysterious bar, "Somewhere only we know." All three of them chose the path that they deemed it right, yet ended up with unhappiness and regret that they didn’t choose. This is until they’ve come and meet each other at this bar, where they received advice from Tor, a musician and the owner of this mysterious bar who gave them a special beer. It took them back to the beginning, allowing them to make new decisions of what they’d learned from the mistake.

Tai is a 17-year-old boy who has a problem with his girlfriend Sangnuea. He had to choose between his future and his love for Sangnuea and regrets that both cannot go together.

Gun is a 26-year-old man who wishes for an ideal romantic love. This is until he met that love Aye and later it turns out that he has to choose his dreams and life stability instead of love.

Pat is a 32-year-old man who is heartbroken when he finds out that his long-time friend Tisha is going to marry the person she loves. Afterwards, Pat learned that his love Tisha had an accident and a temporary memory loss. What she remembers was not true; in her head, she thought she is dating Pat, but still, he chose to return her to her actual lover.

When Tai, Gun, and Pat felt that goodness was no longer a solution to their happiness, they decided to choose again, without knowing that it may change their lives forever...

Director: Dan Worrawech Danuwong [วรเวช ดานุวงศ์]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Drama; life; Romance;

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