Pat Chayanit Chansangavej (1994)

Pat Chayanit Chansangavej (1994)

Other Name: แพต ชญานิษฐ์ ชาญสง่าเวช

Age: 30

Birthday: August, 19, 1994

Nationality: Thailand

Height: 169 CM

Chayanit Charnsangarvej, nicknamed Pat, is a Thai-Chinese actress and model who’s been gaining popularity both for her inherent talent and intriguing look. She was born in Bangkok, Thailand. Pat was schooled in Bangkok at one of Thailand’s oldest all-girls boarding schools Wattana Wittaya Academy. She graduated from the Faculty of Decorative Arts in Visual Communication from Silpakorn University.

Born into a family that’s more Chinese than Thai, she was obliged to learn Mandarin at an early age. “My family is Chinese. My grandparents who speak Mandarin can’t even speak Thai fluently,” Pat says, before explaining that, when she reached a certain age, she was sent to summer schools in Beijing and Taiwan.

Pat got into acting through college connections. She jumpstarted her career in 2015 with 'Distance', a Taiwanese-Singaporean-Thai film that starred Taiwanese hotshot Chen Bolin. “I didn’t know who he was,” Pat laughs. “So I did research and found out that he was quite big. However, when working together, Bolin was always professional, showed gratitude, and behaved so naturally.”

The film wasn’t commercially successful, but it did pave the way for roles in a number of Thai TV series, including 'Love Song Love Series', 'Project S: the Series', and 'BBetter' at the same time that she signed as an artist under Nadao Bangkok.

Despite her early successes, acting may not be Pat’s true calling. “Acting isn’t the answer to life,” Pat muses. “Acting came accidentally and I’ve learned to like it. But it will never be the only profession in my life.” The art graduate shares that her passion really lies in art and communications design, which she studied at Silpakorn University.

On 3rd May 2021, Nadao Bangkok Co., Ltd. communicated her decision not to renew her contract and go out of the company to become an independent artist.

In 2018 she won Best Actress in the Thai Film Awards 27th Entertainment Critics Association and in the The 16th Starpics Awards 2018.

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